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8 surprising travel tips for the Saale-Unstrut region

Memleben Monastery and Imperial Palace Museum © Jessica Niedergesäß

20.10. 2020, Jessica Niedergesäß

Oh how beautiful is it in Saale-Unstrut? I took away all kinds of impressions from my visit, which was all about culinary discoveries and insane views.

No wonder the Saale-Unstrut region is also called the Tuscany of the North! I have put together 8 enchanting tips for your next trip to the region.

Views are there to be enjoyed

In the Saale-Unstrut region there are several picturesque steep slopes and numerous vineyards. From some places and vantage points you have a unique overview of the beauty of nature.

Outdoor enthusiasts simply find a hill to explore or climb to the picturesquely situated Rudelsburg high. The trail leads over unpaved paths through the forest. At the top, however, you will be rewarded for the hard climb by a breathtaking panorama.

Here on the old traffic routes of the Saale valley the castle was built for protection at that time. Nowadays there is a restaurant for the visitors. Good hunger!

Ahoy! A guest of the Saale shipping company

Since the year 1899 there is between the Rudelsburg and Bad Kösen the Saaleschifffahrt. In the spa park near the cross cable ferry, with which the cyclists and pedestrians come to the other side of the Saale, is also the landing stage.

5 times a day the ship shuttles between Bad Kösen and the Rudelsburg and promises the guests an eventful and also relaxing boat trip. Open your eyes! Maybe you will see the rare kingfisher hiding on the banks during the trip.

Due to the numerous hiking trails in the region and along the Saale, you can also discover a lot on foot or by bike, and there are always plenty of places to stop for refreshments.

Vineyards everywhere you look

Wine has been grown in the Saale-Unstrut region for 1,000 years and there are 70 different types of wine that are made into delicious products. 60 winegrowers fine-tune the recipes every day and thus create new taste variations.

You can also dine very well and relax wonderfully at the Ducal VineyardHere, the view of the baroque vineyard and a good glass of wine invite you to linger. Camera out, because this is a real Instagramhotspot!

Whether equipped with a camera or not - just enjoy the idyllic wine region with its centuries-old dry stone walls, the vineyards with steep terraces and the romantic vineyard cottages.

Strolls through picturesque castle ruins

The Rudelsburg, already mentioned, was built in 1050. However, its military importance constantly declined with the modern development of firearms and fell into disrepair. All that remained was a ruin, which you can visit today.

Today the castle ruin with the restaurant is one of the top sights. In the cozy courtyard you can indulge in specialties from the region. And who knows, maybe you will meet the ghost of the castle, which is said to still live here, when you climb the castle.

A visit to the monastery - Not dusty at all!

The Benedictine monastery at Memleben was founded in the 10th century and is an oasis of peace in the Unstrut valley. A visit there is a wonderful way to get away from it all and treat yourself to some peace and quiet.

At the present time, only the ruins of the monastery and a museum remain on the site. And it's not dusty at all, because the interactive exhibition provides many ah's and oh's.

There are 5 holiday rooms available in the monastery, where you can also stay overnight. Enjoy a night in nostalgia and silence and let us serve you a rich monastery breakfast. Delicious!

Get a breath of city air

Salt is in the air! Worth seeing is the City of Bad Kösen with its 400-year history of salt. The graduation house is the symbol of the town and the salt-enriched air leads to good breathing and invites to long walks in the spa park.

Another highlight is also the approx. half an hour distant Naumburg CathedralWith its medieval architecture, the cathedral exudes a great deal of romance. Not for nothing is the cathedral a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Did you know? The most beautiful woman of the Middle Ages, Uta von Naumburg, was also buried here.

A hike with the sunshine alpacas

Another highlight (not only) for families with children will be the cute alpacas be. In Querfurt, hikes through the woods and hills with the cute camel relatives are offered. This is relaxing, because the alpacas certainly have no everyday stress.

This serenity is guaranteed to pass over to you! Sure, a hike with alpacas is not particularly strenuous, but your laughing muscles will be strained. The animals make every visitor laugh with their behaviour. And by the way: when we laugh, we move 135 muscles, which can only be healthy!

Local delicacies from artisans

Experience, enjoyment and craftsmanship stand for the regional brand "Handmade Saale.Unstrut". All specialties from the region are available here under one roof.

Fine wine, fresh or preserved fruits such as apples, cherries and apricots from the Müller Fruit Farm, fancy liqueurs from Liqueur fluencer Christian Hodel or egg liqueur from the ostrich of the Sonnekalb family, with the large selection and care of the region no wishes remain open to you!

"Handmade Saale.Unstrut" means that all products are from agriculture and traditional crafts from the region. As a visitor, you have the opportunity to look over the shoulder of the craftsmen working in the Saale-Unstrut region. Maybe you will even create a delicacy yourself. Get stuck in!

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