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General " 9 fantastic audio walks in Saale-Unstrut - digital tours part 2
General " 9 fantastic audio walks in Saale-Unstrut - digital tours part 2

9 fantastic audio walks in Saale-Unstrut - digital tours part 2

The Eisenberg Mühltal is just one of the audio walks in Saale-Unstrut (c) Stadt Eisenberg

Audiowalks in Saale-Unstrut - turn your smartphone into a travel guide

There's something for your ears here! We've asked around and found that there are plenty of exciting soundwalks and audiowalks in Saale-Unstrut that we're keen to report on. Do you already know the new listening tour along the Unstrut Cycle Path? Or how about a trip to the Bürgel Ceramics Museum or the Eisenberg Mühltal?
The great thing about it is that the tours can be taken completely individually. No queuing, no device instruction - just set off with your own smartphone and get involved with the place and the stories.
Where is your next trip going?

There's something to listen to while cycling - eavesdropping tour on the Untrut Cycle Path

It is about 190 kilometres if you take the Unstrutradweg from its source in Kefferhausen in Thuringia to where it joins the Saale at Blütengrund near Naumburg. The tour is even more exciting if you listen to stories about the interesting places along the cycle path. For this purpose, 22 eavesdropping points have been developed together with regional local experts, which can be played back via mobile phone. The Unstrut Cycle Path becomes a listening experience!

Again and again, the view is drawn to interesting details and exciting knowledge is imparted - about sights, nature reserves, the Saale-Unstrut wine and much more. The special thing about it is that connoisseurs of the region themselves tell something - a very individual and personal insight is possible in this way.

This is how the eavesdropping tour works!
The listening stations can be controlled via the "Lauschtour App" (Android and iOS). At the beginning of your tour, start the "Listening Points on the Unstrut Cycle Route" in the app and you're ready to go. Thanks to the use of GPS, the listening points are triggered automatically on the way. So you don't have to take your mobile phone out of your pocket. However, to ensure that this really works smoothly, you should activate the location detection or location services on your smartphone before using it.

Experts from the region make the listening tour so varied (c) Unstrut-Radweg e.V., Falko Matte
Additional information is provided by the information boards along the Unstrut Cycle Route (c) Unstrut-Radweg e.V., Falko Matte

Audiowalks through Zeitz - 4 tours with the Smart Guide app

Zeitz, known as the sugar location, for Pram production and as Luther place, has developed four digital audio walks in Saale-Unstrut for its 2022 guests and makes them available via the Smart Guide app. You can take a "Stroll through the Old Market Square" or "Follow in the footsteps of Martin Luther". But there is also "Time(z) to Discover" or a foray "Along the City Fortifications".
In any case, you will be able to get to know Zeitz from different perspectives. The routes are between 2 and 4 kilometres long. So it won't be too strenuous and the alternation of listening and stretching your feet guarantees entertainment.

This is how the Smart Guide app works!
First download the Smartguide app onto your mobile phone (Android and iOS) and follow the few instructions at the beginning, among other things you should also switch on the location detection here. This will show you the tours in your vicinity. If you are already in Zeitz, you will be offered the audio walks in Zeitz. And off you go! The "Take me there" function may also be helpful.

View from the gatehouse of Moritzburg Castle (c) City of Zeitz
Moritzburg Castle Zeitz with castle park (c) City of Zeitz
City Hall of Zeitz (c) City of Zeitz
Various views of the city are explained during the audio walk (c) Stadt Zeitz)

Musical travel - with the Soundwalk SWALK to Heinrich Schütz

Heinrich Schütz was born on 18 October 1585 in Bad Köstritz born. In Weißenfels he spent his childhood and his twilight years. He is regarded as the first German composer to make it to world stature before Bach, Handel and Beethoven, and is therefore often referred to as the "father of German music". What an honour! In summary, one must say: He lived for music and loved it above all else. The town of Weißenfels was his muse. Here, in the original preserved composing room under the roof of today's Heinrich Schütz House his great late works. But he did not only leave his mark there. Why not follow him a little through Saale-Unstrut? And what better way to do that than with a musical voyage of discovery?

On the SoundWalk SWALK you can immerse yourself in Heinrich Schütz's early Baroque everyday life and casually discover the historic towns. In Weißenfels, Schütz's music can be heard at six locations. The starting point is the Heinrich Schütz House in Nikolaistrasse. In Bad Köstritz, you can follow the composer at 5 stops. Here, too, you should definitely plan a visit to the Heinrich Schütz House. He also left his mark in Zeitz. You can find out about Heinrich Schütz's relationship to Zeitz at 2 further points on the soundwalk.

How does it work?
Simply download the free SWALK app to your mobile phone and activate location sharing on your mobile phone. In the app, simply select the city in the menu item under the heading "Where" and you're ready to go. But there is one thing you should definitely do beforehand: Put on headphones is an absolute MUST, because only then will you experience the unique sound experience in 3D sound. And now...

Swalk Weissenfels c StadtWeissenfels PeterEndig

Prominent voice - Gunter Emmerlich leads a tour through the Eisenberg mill valley

The tour through the Mühltal near Eisenberg is one of the special audio walks in Saale-Unstrut, because it has found prominent support. Actor, singer and presenter Gunter Emmerlich, well known through MDR, gives the tour his unmistakable voice and thus his personal touch.
Entertained in this way, it hikes itself through the mill valley and past the mills that gave the valley its name, but today have all found a different purpose: whether as a restaurant, with a small mill museum, as a youth hostel or hotel, or simply for sightseeing. A little tip: Next to the Robertsmühle mill in the Miniature garden to see all the mills together once again - a good place to get an overview of the mill valley.

Gunter Emmerlich is an honorary citizen of Eisenberg, so of course you can take his knowledge of the exciting stories and historical events for granted - he is simply authentic. He has proven that he can tell stories well in countless television programmes. You will certainly listen all the more attentively to the smaller anecdotes - after all, we are all always looking for a good story... aren't we?

How does this audio walk work?
To go on a hike with Gunter Emmerlich, download the Hearonymus app. The Eisenberg information office will be happy to provide you with free Wi-Fi for this purpose. Then search for the term "Eisenberg" and your desired tour - just as you would with an audio guide. If you want to start directly in the Mühltal, we recommend downloading the app and tour at home. After downloading, you can use the Audiowalk even without internet reception, as it is stored locally on your device. We are curious to see how you like the Mühltal.

Explore the Mühltal with Gunter Emmerlich and the Hearonymus app (c) Stadt Eisenberg_Hearonymus
Explore the Eisenberg Mühltal with the Hearonymus app (c) City of Eisenberg
The Mühltal captivates with its natural beauty (c) City of Eisenberg
Hikers can explore 8 mills in the Eisenberg mill valley (c) Stadt Eisenberg

Historically valuable - follow the battle turmoil in the Museum 1806 Jena-Cospeda

In 1806, Emperor Napoleon secured his victory in the famous battle of Jena and Auerstedt supremacy in Europe. The small town of Cospeda is not far from the battlefield of the time. There, the Museum 1806 exhibits numerous original objects, maps and dioramas, which can be used to illustrate the historical events can be traced.

The artists Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller, winners of the Botho Graef Art Prize 2004 of the City of Jena, created a stirring and interactive walk to commemorate the Battle of Jena and Auerstedt. Orders, screams, galloping and neighing horses, explosions, gunshots - a multi-layered soundtrack impressively conveys the events of that time. It is precisely this dense mixture of voices and sounds, combined with what you see right in front of you on your way, that lets you experience the landscape in a whole new way.

This is how you can start the audio walk in Saale-Unstrut.
Ask at the museum for the audio guide "Remembrance Field Windknollen 1806". The staff will equip you with MP3 players and headphones. With these, you embark on a 45-minute tour of the former battlefield. You follow a predefined path with the help of instructions, and you walk across the field in accordance with the pace set by the headphones. The audio walk is an emotional and entertaining experience for history buffs, but also for the whole family.

The Napoleon Stone commemorates the battle of 1806 (c) JenaKultur, A. Graef
Every five years, the events of 14 October 1806 are commemorated on a weekend (c) JenaKultur, Moebius

A real family tip - paw by paw along the Bear Paw Trail Droyßig

What do bear paws have in Droyßig and what is it all about? The Bear Paw Trail is one of the first audio walks in Saale-Unstrut and was created with the active help of the residents - a real community project that everyone is proud of. More than 50 citizens, the Droyßig local history society and businesses were involved, as well as the Christopherus-Gymnasium Droyßig, whose pupils gave the Bärentatzenweg their voices. And that is exactly what makes it so charming - an absolute recommendation!

You can follow over 70 bear paws through Droyßig: You will not only learn about the old Zeitz-Camburg railway line, but also about the castle and its history, the Templar myth, Martin Luther and the tradition of the Droyßig bears. Of course, the story of how the road got its bear paws is also revealed. Only so much can be revealed here: It has to do with a bear escape...

Try it out!
The Audiowalk is a circular route and starts at the Sugar Railway Cycle Pathwhich leads through Droyßig. You can't miss it because there are information boards at the stations. You can call up the stories to be told via the QR code on them. It's also great that all the interludes are not only available in German, but also in English.

The audio stations can be started at the signs along the Bärentatzenweg (c) Saale-Unstrut-Tourismus e.V., Transmedial
The bear paws show the way from station to station (c) Saale-Unstrut-Tourismus e.V., Transmedial

Bürgel Blue and White - the audio guide at the Bürgel Ceramics Museum

Anyone who hears the name Bürgel is sure to think quite quickly of the blue pottery with the white fleck that is directly associated with the town. Pottery has been made in the town since at least the 15th century. Today, Bürgel has the highest pottery production in Thuringia, if not in the whole of central Germany. Density of potteries in just one place. So if you are a total fan of pottery and ceramics, you should definitely head to Bürgel next.

Did you know?
Genuine Bürgeler ceramics are made from the natural product clay and are still shaped by hand today. This results in small deviations in the manufacturing process - and each piece becomes unique.

The audio guide - this is how it works
The Ceramics Museum now also offers a new audio guide that you can access with your own smartphone. There is no need to borrow equipment on site and no need for lengthy explanations of the technology. You can access the 15 stations via the museum's free wi-fi access and a QR code on site.

Whether you want to find out more about pottery and earthenware in general, or about the potteries from the GDR period to the present day, whether you are interested in the influences of Art Nouveau and Art Deco, or which personalities are closely associated with Bürgel ceramics - the audio guide in the Ceramics Museum will certainly teach you a lot of new things.

The audio walk takes you on a tour of the Bürgel Ceramics Museum (c) Thür. Tourismusverband Jena-Saale-Holzland e.V.,Jens Hauspurg

Stolperstein-Audiowalk Merseburg - Students give insights into a dark chapter

Students of the Merseburg University in the Master's degree programme "Applied Media and Cultural Studies" dealt with Jewish life in Merseburg. The occasion was the anniversary year 2021, which commemorated "1700 years of Jewish life in Germany". The students wanted to contribute to the appreciation and enlightenment, collected a multitude of historical data, worked on them in detail and created an interesting and thought-provoking audio play.

The audio walk focuses on the connections between conspiracy myths and anti-Judaism and anti-Semitism. The focus is on the plague wave of around 1347-1351, the so-called "Black Death", and the conspiracy narratives associated with it. In an interactive audio walk through the city of Merseburg, these will illuminate various points of view between the past, present and future in relation to Judaism. Residents and guests can experience short audio pieces at the historical places marked by Stolpersteine (stumbling stones), which provide insights into the stories about people and places.

Between the 8 stations, Susanne Göhricke and Jens Voigt from Merseburg provide information about the background of the culture of remembrance lived in Merseburg. An additional leaflet with a map shows the routes between the individual stations.

The long route of the stumbling stones also leads over the Neumarktbrücke (c) Saale-Unstrut-Tourismus e.V., Falko Matte

Explore Naumburg with the Naumburg App

Naumburg - 1000 years old and not a bit dusty yet, even if the many presentable treasures are mainly from the past. But that does not automatically mean that they are outdated. Just think of the founder's figure Uta in the UNESCO World Heritage Naumburg Cathedralwhich has lost none of its fascination to this day.
The city centre, which cannot deny its medieval origins with its central market square and many small alleys, is best explored on foot, making one or two detours along the way: How about the best view from the 72-metre-high Tower of the Church of St. Wenceslas? Or one Ride with the "Wild Bitchas the people of Naumburg like to call their tram? You can also listen to the Hildebrandt organ or one of the summer concerts in the Marientor.

To make sure you don't miss anything worth seeing and exploring in Naumburg, an audio guide is available. You can borrow it in the traditional way from the tourist information office or simply use your own smartphone and set off regardless of the opening hours of the tourist information office. Maybe even at sunrise if you like to get up early?
You are completely flexible in terms of time. You determine the duration and course of your audio tour yourself. This has the advantage that you can interrupt your tour at any time and continue it on another day - there is simply too much to see and experience! We can only reveal this much: the answer is 42!

What you need to do...
The Naumburg app is available for Android and iOS, so simply download it from an app store of your choice. You don't need to do much more afterwards, except... select the city tour. In addition to the Naumburg city tour, the app also includes a tour of Bad Kösen. Maybe you'll feel like exploring there, too. Bad Kösen is only about 7 kilometres away. It's worth a visit. If you like, you can also change the language selection: German, English and easy language are available.

The Naumburg app guides you through Naumburg's alleys to places and sights (c) Saale-Unstrut-Tourismus e.V., Transmedial
The UNESCO World Heritage Naumburg Cathedral is one of the highlights of the audio walk (c) Saale-Unstrut-Tourismus e.V., Transmedial
There is much to discover in Naumburg (c) Salle-Unstrut-Tourismus e.V., Falko Matte
Naturally, window shopping is an obvious choice (c) Saale-Unstrut-Tourismus e.V., Falko Matte

Have you become curious? Already tried out all the tours? Want to explore even more? Just read on in our article "With smartphone and app through Saale-Unstrut - 8 digital guided tours to get to know".

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