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The town of Braunsbedra on the southern shore of Lake Geiseltalsee exerts a very special attraction on cyclists.

From 1733 to 1772 Michael Kaßler lived in Braunsdorf (today called Braunsbedra). According to the records, he was a wheelwright, and was regarded as very skilled. It is still said of him today that he built a wooden velocipede so that he could travel on this in 1761 from Braunsbedra to Bedra Castle. After being urged by his master to get some wheels so that he could come to work faster when he was needed, he had to think of some way of being punctual. So he built a vehicle that was “like a cart at the back and a carriage at the front”, which could be steered and balanced like a modern bicycle. When the present-day bicycles came along around 1900, this was rediscovered by his descendants and presented to the public for the first time in 1904.

However, the history of the town is much older than the invention of the bicycle by Michael Kaßler. Most parts of the present-day town were first documented in the “Hersfelder Zehntverzeichnis”, a register drawn up in around 993 of citizens who were obliged to pay tithes to the imperial abbey in Hersfeld. Thus Braunsbedra can look back over more than a thousand years of history. Yet the modern-day Braunsbedra and its districts only received their town charter in 1993, making it one of the youngest towns in Saxony-Anhalt.

The town was especially marked by 300 years of brown coal mining, which has left its traces. Four lakes bear witness to this: Geiseltalsee, Hasse See, Großkaynaer See and Runstedter See, which now create a wonderful impression where there were once opencast mines.

The start of the flooding of the Geiseltalsee on 30 June 2003 became a historic date for the development of the Geisel Valley and the surrounding region. It was completed almost eight years later, on 29 April 2011: the lake was full. At the end of 2009 the ground-breaking ceremony took place for a publicly funded project for the construction of a bridge over the lake and the development of a special area. The first results can already be experienced today: the harbour enclosure, the pier and the bridge across the lake hint at the complete ensemble, which will soon be finished: the opening of the harbour is planned for 2016. An event not to be missed!

Geiseltalsee Visitor Centre
At the Visitor Centre you can obtain comprehensive information about the development and creation of the lake and its extensive leisure facilities, along with tips on full-day excursions, culinary discoveries and accommodation.

As well as an exhibition on the subject of Lake Geiseltalsee, a documentary film reveals everything you could want to know about the lake region. Bikes and pedal cars can also be conveniently hired here. If you want to enjoy the lake in total relaxation, we recommend a two-hour circular trip on the Geiseltal-Express. During a short stop in the vineyard you can enjoy the panorama over a glass of Saale-Unstrut wine.

Hasse-See Rossbach
Summer sun and fun! The campsite is on the edge of the village of Roßbach and has pitches for tents, caravans and mobile homes. It also offers bungalows with modern furnishings right by the water’s edge. The heart of the Hasse is its large lido with an attractive and supervised sandy beach that is 500 metres long.

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