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The family seat of the House of Wettin rises majestically above the town of Wettin. Wettin was documented in 961 as Vitin civitas.

At this time the castle and the town were probably in the possession of the margrave of Merseburg, Zeitz and Meißen.
After his death in 985 his possessions passed to his relative Count Dedi, whose grandson Thiemo named himself the first Count of Wettin. Thiemo‘s son, Konrad the Great, extended the castle to the size it is today.

In the 12th century the Wettins were already amongst the mightiest dynasties of princes in Germany (from 1089 they were margraves of Meißen, from 1423 electors, for example August the Strong, and from 1806 Kings of Saxony). Prince Louis-Ferdinand of Prussia owned the entire castle complex between 1803 and 1806. After the Wars of Liberation in 1814, the upper and lower castle properties were leased out as a royal domain. Since 1990 the entire castle complex has been owned by the administrative district of Saalkreis and houses a grammar school. 

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