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The Chapel of St Ägidius in Naumburg is a treasure from the Romanesque period. This stone chapel named after the saint lies on the northern side of Naumburg Cathedral.

The Chapel of the Curia of St Ägidius is one of what were originally numerous private chapels belonging to the canons of the cathedral. The two-storey chapel was built at the beginning of the 13th century, around the same time as the construction of the second, late Romanesque, cathedral in Naumburg began. The curia is in fact first documented in 1305, but the style of construction and the shapes of the capitals indicate that it was built earlier than this. A partly preserved Roman tympanum that illustrates the legend of St Ägidius is worth seeing.

The dome-shaped, vaulted room is unique in central Germany and has impressive acoustics. The chapel is used amongst other things for concert events (in the series “Kapellenkonzerte des Naumburger Doms”).

Because of its great importance in terms of art history, in July 2007 the Chapel of St Ägidius was included as an additional site on the “Romanesque Road” in Saxony-Anhalt.

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