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Our digitization strategy

In order to prepare ourselves for the future, we have drawn up a digitalisation strategy which is intended to drive the Saale-Unstrut region in the right direction in the process of change. Digitalization is changing us! It controls our everyday life and changes all areas of life. This includes, for example, the online bookability of offers, inspirations on Instagram or Facebook, travel bloggers, 360-degree views of hotel rooms or potential travel regions, helpful apps for on the go or online rating platforms. Tourism has already been intensively affected for years. The digital transformation brings with it artificial intelligence or open data and transforms the work of tourism stakeholders in the long term.

Digitization is taking place along the entire customer journey in tourism: Information, inspiration, booking, follow-up but also the tourism product itself. So how can tourism companies participate in this continuous change process and be agile in order to meet the ever faster innovation cycles?

The digital transformation means change. Territorial structures, hierarchical thinking and organizations as well as rigid processes cannot and will not survive in competition. The central triggers for this are, on the one hand, the changed customer demand towards the "age of the customer" and, on the other hand, the ever new technologies and thus possibilities of communication and sales - both require a change in order to master the future. In order to shape this change positively, a "digital" DNA is needed. At its core, this digital DNA comprises three areas:

  • Customer centric thinking
  • Agile action
  • Data-driven thinking

Therefore, it was an overarching goal to develop a digitization strategy for the destination Saale-Unstrut. The focus was on the holistic strategy for all tourism stakeholders in the region. It is more of a guideline that should and can help to continuously develop and adapt digitisation in the Saale-Unstrut region.

All levels and groups of actors concerned, such as cities, municipalities, hosts, active providers or leisure facilities were involved in the development of the strategy.

Infographic 10 To do's for a successful digital destination

In the following explanatory video, the digitization strategy is explained briefly and concisely. It will only cost you 3 minutes.

If you do have more time, feel free to download the full digitization strategy here.
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