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Today the double chapel of “Sanctae Crucis” rises alone like a Romanesque tower house on a porphyry hilltop above the town of Landsberg. It can look back over a history of more than 800 years.

 Once the castle chapel of the seat of the margraves of the Saxon Ostmark, today it is the most striking testament to the medieval history of Landsberg. The former castle chapel belongs to the type of “Romanesque double chapels” described by Oskar Schürer in his monograph of the same name in 1929. It is one of the largest preserved double chapels, and is described as an especially noble building. Experts equate it with the imperial double chapels in the castles of Nuremberg and Eger, or even consider it superior to these. In terms of both art history and the history of the region, it would appear that the double chapel could not have been built together with the castle around 1170, but must have been constructed in its present form around 1200 at the earliest. The sophisticated decorative shapes and its sheer size still bear testament today to the power and standing of the margrave Konrad von Landsberg (around 1160 – 1210), to whom this building can be ascribed.

Nowadays the Landsberg double chapel is put to a variety of uses. Informative guided tours telling the history of the hill and the castle are led by members of staff from the Landsberg “Bernhard Brühl” Museum, and give visitors a vivid picture of the former size and importance of the site. These tours are extended several times a year to include guided tours of the town. The double chapel also offers a charming setting for atmospheric concerts and lectures.

The Protestant community of the Landsberg parish church of St Nicolai meet monthly from June to September for worship in the Romanesque double chapel. Baptisms, confirmations and marriage ceremonies are also conducted in the double chapel by the Protestant rectory of Landsberg. The register office of Landsberg also offers marriage ceremonies in the double chapel, as well as in other prestigious buildings.

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