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Droyßig Castle was owned by Albrecht von Droyßig, who founded a branch of the Order of the Templars.

He must have had a special connection with the Order, since he left it a part of his estate.
The oldest parts of the church date back to this time. After changing hands several times, it was bought by the von Hoym family, who arranged for the fortress to be redesigned as a residential castle.

The imposing castle was built at the beginning of the 13th century by crusaders who brought their experience of building castles back with them from the East. Today this building, which is unique in the German region, is still almost completely preserved.
The castle contains a restaurant featuring regional specialities. Since 1870, bears have been kept in Droyßig; you can visit the bears Aiko and Toni in the castle complex. Entry to the park and the bear compound is free of charge at all times, and numerous guided tours are offered.

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