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Gaudy Breeze

Wine house Gaudig Gaudigbreeze

The sun sinks towards the horizon, you sit on your balcony and spend this mild summer evening with your loved ones and your new summer drink: a Rosé Tonic with sparkling wine from our handmade Patrick from the Wine house GaudigAnd if you're out and about and sitting on the shore of an idyllic lake, it's best to drink from the sustainable handmade to-go cup.

For this you need per glass or cup: 

    150 ml rosé from the Gaudig wine house
    120 ml tonic water
                   lime quartered
                   Mint leaves
                   Chrushed Ice

put the mint leaves in a glass. stylish in the handmade cup! cut the lime into eighths and squeeze half of the pieces slightly over the cup. then put them completely into the cup (glass is also possible, of course). now fill up with rosé and tonic water. finally add crushed ice.


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