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Geopfad Zscheiplitz

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1.9 km

00:32 h

164 m

196 m

40 m

34 m
Height profile


An approximately three kilometre long circular hiking trail in and around Zscheiplitz.

Der Rundwanderweg führt 250 Millionen Jahre zurück in die erdgeschichtliche Vergangenheit. Der geologische Lehrpfad erstreckt sich oberhalb des Unstruttales und wird vom Unstrutradweg unmittelbar tangiert. Auf dem gesamten Lehrpfad stehen 11 Lehrtafeln, die über die geologischen Besonderheiten informieren. Bei Zscheiplitz erreichen die Vorkommen des Unteren Muschelkalks (Ablagerungen eines
An approximately three kilometre long circular hiking trail in and around Zscheiplitz.

The circular hiking trail leads 250 million years back into the geological past. The geological nature trail extends above the Unstrut valley and is directly affected by the Unstrut cycle path. There are 11 information boards along the entire trail, which provide information about the geological features. At Zscheiplitz the deposits of the Lower Muschelkalk (deposits of a marginal sea of the Triassic) reach a thickness of 100 metres. Especially Schaumkalk is rich in fossils. Until the 1960s the rock in this area was mined. The profile of the landscape with its steep rock faces, which today serve as "windows" giving insights into the history of the earth, bears witness to the former quarrying activities. Further evidence of limestone extraction and processing is the foundation wall of a lime kiln.

Upon request, guided tours of the Geo-Naturpark can be arranged by telephone.

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Start: Zeddenbach mill or Pawis winery
Point of origin:
Destination: Zeddenbach mill or Pawis winery
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Condition: extremely lightweight
  • Culturally interesting
  • Refreshment stop
  • Accommodation

Hiking from the Zeddenbacher mill
The mill is one of the last still producing water mills and definitely worth a little detour. In the shop you can buy regional and homemade products. Guided tours of the mill are possible.
To get to the entrance, the tour first follows the road Mühle Zeddenbach. At the crossroads turn left into the street "Schweigenberge". After about 50m the hiker has reached the entrance. Over a gravel path you ascend to Zscheiplitz (approx. 100m altitude difference). Following the path, the hiker arrives at the car park next to the Pawis winery. Here you will find the educational boards "Shop Window into a Sea of the Earth Middle Ages" and "Zscheiplitzer Talung". The first stage is reached.

Hiking from the Pawis Winery
There is a parking lot (fire depot) at the Pawis winery. From there the village road leads north towards Weischütz. Follow this road and cross it after 50m. Opposite, you enter the field path which runs parallel to the edge of the forest to the west. (Attention! The signs are easy to miss). After a short distance the path turns right-angled into the forest to the south and you enter the former limestone open-cast mine. After approx. 300m the path thins out and leads to the larger mining area. Now the path continues between two spoil heaps and in southern direction. Soon the hiker will have a very nice view of the upcoming rock. Following the geological hiking trail in south-western direction, there is a long outcrop in the shell limestone with foam lime banks and wave lime on the left side after about 150m. There you will find the information board "Origin of the limestone".
Following the signs, the hiker comes to a lime kiln, in which lime was still being burned until the 1960s. Here a view opens up into the Unstrut valley towards Balgstädt as well as towards Laucha and Karsdorf.

The nature trail continues in a south-easterly direction, parallel to the edge of the slope. After about 150m a bench invites you to a picnic. The hiker is rewarded with a 180° panorama of the Unstrut valley. The path leads along a spoil heap for about 100m, then turns east, past burnt limestone remains. The geological hiking trail now runs to the northeast. After about 200 m the hiker finds himself at a well-signposted crossroads. Following the path, the hiker then continues to the monastery complex and Gut Zscheiplitz. Soon you will reach the entrance to the monastery with stairs to the lookout point "Nonnenturm". The tour leads along the monastery wall, which was built of Zscheiplitz limestone.

The hiker passes below the monastery church. After a few metres, the cannon from the Napoleonic campaigns offers a view of the Zeddenbach mill and the Freyburg Unstrut valley. In between are the steep slopes of the Schweigenberge, a terraced, excellent vineyard location. The path continues along the monastery wall towards the water tower. After about 50m there is a possibility to reach the monastery complex via some stairs. A few steps away is the Pawis winery. Across the winery, after about 100m you can return to the parking lot (fire depot). Those who entered via the Zeddenbacher Mill go back to the view at the cannon and descend along the edge of the slope.

  • always open

Tour itinerary:


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