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Castles & Palaces

"There is a castle overlooking the valley and looking into the stream, that's the Merry Hall ..." The castles & palaces in Saale-Unstrut did not go unnoticed even by the great poet Joseph von Eichendorff, who was inspired to write this poem about the region along the Saale and Unstrut in 1841.


Almost countless are the possibilities that lovers of castles and palaces will find in Saale-Unstrut. The castle Querfurt, known as FilmBurg, is a must in this respect. Over 50 different historical films and documentaries have been shot here in recent years, including well-known productions such as "Der Medicus" or "Die Päpstin". Mysterious castles and numerous stately palaces from the early baroque era await you in the Burgenland and Saale region between the rivers Saale and Unstrut.

Lodersleben Castle
Droyßig Castle
Weather Station
Vitzenburg Castle
Dornburg castles
Dornburg Castle
Auerstedt Castle
FilmBurg cross ford
Camburg Castle


Many of the castles and palaces in the Saale-Unstrut valley are among the most important of their kind in Central Germany. Interesting castle museums, film shows and events let you dive into the time from the Romanesque to the Gothic period in the Middle Ages. Some of these castles and palaces are located directly on various cycling and hiking trails, so you can combine sport & culture.

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