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The Geisel valley is a beautiful paradise where you can enjoy nature and leisure surrounded by historic cultural towns and picturesque vineyards.

The 330 years of mining here were followed by the creation of the largest manmade lake in Germany.

Cyclists, skaters and hikers use the popular 28-kilometre Geiseltal-Rundweg (Geisel Valley circular trail) for a tour on which they can stop at a vineyard along the way.

The former Geisel Valley opencast brown coal mine now contains a vineyard. Today strong grapevines flourish here thanks to specially developed techniques, scientific helpers and above all through the belief of the winegrowing family in this special location. The south-facing 30-degree slope and the sun reflected off the lake are conditions that probably do not occur anywhere else in Germany. In 2008 the vineyard was awarded the Future Prize as the most innovative vineyard.

And if you'd rather not walk any further after visiting the winegrower, you can board the Geiseltal-Express, which circles the lake every day. Sun seekers will find an ideal spot on the waterways of the harbours, while for water sports lovers and swimmers there are all sorts of opportunities for taking a dip.

A wide range of information is available from the tourist information office at Mücheln Marina, the information centre at Mücheln Marina or the visitor centre in Braunsbedra.

Tourist-Information Marina Mücheln
Hafenplatz 6, 06249 Mücheln
phone: +49 (0) 34632-995910

Geiseltaler Entwicklungs- und Touristikgesellschaft
phone: +49 (0) 34633-33935