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Marikas' Favorite

Mistika Vermouth Semi Dry 16,5% vol 0,75l close up

Mystic wormwood with tonic water

Wormwood had its great revival in 2019. For a long time, wine sprinkled with spices and herbs was considered stale and dusty on our grandparents' shelves. But since last year this has changed and the aromatic and versatile wormwood has been rediscovered.

The winery Böhme & Töchter supplies the basic wine for a vermouth called Mystika for Leipzig spirits manufactorywhere wine is lovingly handmade into the new in-spirit.
We were at the Weinhotel Freylich Zahn in Freyburg and tested the WeTo (Wormwood Tonic) once for you.

If you feel like it now, here is the recipe:

    5 cl Mystic wormwood

    0.2 l tonic water

    1 slice orange


                Depending on taste mint, rosemary or basil


In this sense, the only thing left for us to do is to wish you lots of fun while testing and to say "Cheers"!

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