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Follow the dinosaur tracks from Mücheln marina to the old town and discover the attractions and history of the oldest town in the Geisel Valley.

 The people of Mücheln look forward to welcoming you to their festival year in 2016 to celebrate “666 years of Mücheln’s town charter”.

The footprints end right in front of the gateway to the cultural history centre in the market square. Here on two floors you will find information about the geological foundations of the Geisel Valley and the famous fossils that were born in this site of coal deposits, about coal mining and the town’s varied history. There is much to explore and discover about the world-famous fossil finds, the stories of the town’s settlement and the times of the Sky Disk, Mücheln’s heyday in the Middle Ages, the destruction during the Thirty Years War, the opencast brown coal mining, the flooding of the largest manmade lake in Germany and the area’s transformation into a tourist region.

With the interplay of its unique natural landscape, the historic old town, the cultural and historical environment, Lake Geiseltalsee and the ever-growing programme of events, Mücheln will enchant you with its charm. Be enticed and get to know Mücheln better.

Living history of the town
In order to preserve Mücheln’s history as a mining town, the old post office was converted into an information centre with a regional museum. On a guided tour of the town or a walk accompanied by the night watchman you will hear amusing and exciting stories of Mücheln’s past. Climb down into the town hall cellar, once the storage place for the Mücheln beer which caused the rack and ruin of many a citizen. Listen to the tale of the last great town fire in 1718 and the legendary role that beer played in this.

You should also visit the Baroque garden, the landscaped park with the moated castle in St. Ulrich, the source of the Geisel, the Romanesque church and the landscape conservation area around St. Micheln.

The stones of legend which stand in numerous places in the Geisel Valley have even more exciting stories to tell and are only waiting to reveal their secrets.

Mücheln Marina
Enjoy your visit to Lake Geiseltalsee at the harbour. The harbour tower and harbour office, the tourist information centre, the pier building, boat hire and a passenger ship await you. In the future the harbour will also include more holiday homes, boathouses and commercial establishments.

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