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The Baroque Neu-Augustusburg Castle, which was built between 1660 and 1694 on the ruins of an old fortress, is an emblem of the town of Weißenfels that is visible from far away.

One treasure of the mighty Baroque castle is the castle church, which has been preserved in its original state. Bach and Handel amongst others played the organ here. Today the castle houses a museum which offers temporary exhibitions as well as permanent exhibitions of the history of the shoe and of the castle.

Neu-Augustusburg Castle was built between 1660 and 1694 as the residence of the collateral line of the electors of Saxony, the Sachsen-Weißenfels. It is one of the largest early Baroque castles in central Germany. Today part of it is home to the town museum, where amongst other things the largest shoe collection in eastern Germany and an exhibition on the duchy of Sachsen-Weißenfels are on display. The early Baroque castle church has been preserved in its original condition and is one of the most beautiful in central Europe. Beneath the altar room is a vault containing 38 sarcophaguses of the ducal families.

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