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The Neumarktkirche St. Thomae is a treasure on the Romanesque Road.

The Romanesque transept basilica was first mentioned in a document by Emperor Friedrich Barbarossa in 1188, and is largely preserved in its original state. Between 1991 and 1995 the church was extensively renovated and the floor, which had been raised to compensate for the increase in the level of the river Saale, was lowered again to its original level. The knotted column on the late Romanesque main gateway is unique in the central German region. Inside the church are examples of sacred contemporary art in the form of the “Crucifixus” and “Kreuzigungsgruppe vor roter Wand” (Gabriele und Klaus F. Messerschmidt).

The church is a refuge for pilgrims on the ecumenical pilgrimage route.

Opening times and guided tours
Merseburg tourist information centre, tel.: 03461 / 21 41 70

Neumarktkirche St. Thomae Cantuariensis
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