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Querfurt Castle is the largest castle in central Germany and is visible from all directions as it towers over the town of Querfurt.

Visitors arriving by car can use one of the free visitors’ parking spaces and are then guided by the tourist signs to the old town, with its Baroque Ackerbürgerhäuser, houses formerly belonging to farmers with citizens’ rights, with their interesting house marks. These have been restored to their former glory through renovation works that were consistently accompanied by the protection of the houses as historical monuments.

The best spot to start a walk through the old town of Querfurt is the marketplace. This takes its character from the town hall, whose main building dates from the late Gothic period and is still the seat of the town administration today. Opposite the town hall is the town information office, where guests can obtain flyers, souvenirs and further information.

As you walk further you will come across the old town wall, two thirds of which has been preserved. This dates from the 14th century and gives visitors an idea of the former size of Querfurt. The late Gothic parish church is well worth visiting, including a walk round the cemetery, where graves can be found from five centuries.

The Thalgarten is in an idyllic position and leads to Thaldorf, where you will find a memorial to St Bruno, the Braunsbrunnen springs. In summer a visit to the Querfurt municipal swimming pool at the foot of the castle is highly recommended. The stainless steel pools with a sports and activity area, giant slide and diving platform offer recreation for young and old.
You can find out more about the town’s history and its most famous personalities, such as the important naturalist Johannes Schlaf or Jacob Christian Schäffer, the polymath and inventor of the washing machine, on a guided tour of the town, which the town information office will be pleased to arrange.

The cultural highlights include the Querfurt national holiday, the Brunnenfest fair on the Wednesday after Lent, or the castle festival, which is always held on the third weekend in June and features a different theme every year. The Querfurt farmers’ market takes place in the old town on the third Saturday in September, and is attended by farmers from the south of Saxony-Anhalt selling their own produce. It is also well worth visiting the Querfurt Christmas fair in the castle and the historic courtyards, which was recently honoured by the Minister-President when he referred to it as being the most attractive in Saxony-Anhalt.

Thanks to its transport connections, the town of Querfurt is also a good starting point for day trips to the surrounding region. A wealth of historic places, such as the cathedrals in Naumburg or Merseburg, the Luther sites in Eisleben or the many attractions in the town of Halle are no more than 30 km away.

An ideal souvenir of your visit to Querfurt is a bottle of the wine “Edler von Querfurt”, which is grown in the former monastery vineyard “St. Bruno” not far from the town, or the herbal liqueur “Dicker Heinrich”, named after the large round keep of the castle.

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