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Museum Hassenhausen

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On 14 October 1806, the Prussian main army was defeated by the French in Hassenhausen.

Napoleon war auf dem Höhepunkt seiner Macht. Er marschierte kurz darauf in Berlin ein. Der preußische König floh nach Ostpreußen. Napoleon konnte nicht mehr daran gehindert werden, Europa in seinem Sinn umzugestalten. So ist Hassenhausen ungewollt ein Symbolort der europäischen Geschichte geworden.Im Museum im Pfarrhaus wird an das Geschehen von 1806 erinnert: Etwa 15.000 Menschen wurden am 14
On 14 October 1806, the Prussian main army was defeated by the French in Hassenhausen.

Napoleon was at the height of his power. He invaded Berlin shortly thereafter. The Prussian king fled to East Prussia. Napoleon could no longer be prevented from reshaping Europe to suit his purposes. Thus Hassenhausen unintentionally became a symbol of European history.

The museum in the vicarage commemorates the events of 1806: about 15,000 people were mortally wounded on 14 October 1806. Military-political calculations on both sides at that time (and unfortunately to this day) did not care about individual human lives. Among those who fell victim to this battle at the time was the commander-in-chief of the Prussian army: Duke Carl Wilhelm Ferdinand von Braunschweig. He was not only an important military leader, but also a great politician of his time who was eager for reform, and he embodied as a person the tragedy and contradictions of that time. Thus it makes sense to present the events of that time as the intersection of an entire epoch.

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Museum Hassenhausen

Untergasse Hassenhausen
06618 Naumburg
Phone: +49 34463 / 28511

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