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On a homemade trip through Saale-Unstrut

selfmade trip

03.09.2020, Saale-Unstrut Tourism e.V.

Handmade Saale.Unstrut 1TP3Do-it-yourself trip

At the beginning of August five bloggers visited us in Saale-Unstrut to take their very personal handmade Saale.Unstrut 1TP3 do-it-yourself trip. Among them were How to Gourmet from Erfurt, Smaracuja from Berlin, German Backpacker from Southern Germany and Yummy Travel from the Ruhr area.

The bloggers were awaited by many exciting hand-makers, wonderful hosts, the preparation of 4 delicious dishes and all kinds of spectacular impressions of Saale-Unstrut. On their # self-made trip, the bloggers procured the ingredients from a total of 9 regional hand-makers, such as a blacksmith, a herb garden, an apiary and a goat farm. Along the way, they also met wonderful hosts and the Wine Region Saale-Unstrut got to know. 

A camera team has recorded their journey, so you can now be inspired by the footage. At you can now accompany Mira and Flo, Nina, Patrick and Jessica through the land of wine and stone.

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