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Droyßiger-Zeitzer Forst is an association of municipalities which is the ideal location for local recreation. Zeitzer Forest is the largest continuous area of forest in the southern part of the state of Saxony-Anhalt.

The region is characterised by Zeitzer Forest, the Elster Valley with its wine- and hop-growing and the Saale-Unstrut wine-growing area with the wine route along the White Elster (which forms part of the 13th German wine route Saale-Unstrut), and is crossed by the Elster Cycle Trail and the figure-of-eight shaped “Rad-Acht” cycle trail.

There are numerous inviting hiking trails, for instance to the Haynsburg, Droyßig Castle with its bear compound or numerous historic churches. Zeitzer Forest is well worth a trip at all events.
The municipalities which make up the association are Droyßig, Gutenborn, Kretzschau, Schnaudertal and Wetterzeube. The local associations in the individual municipalities leave their own stamp on cultural life and how people experience it. You will be very welcome at a wide variety of events.

Droyßiger-Zeitzer Forst
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