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Geopath Triassic Gate

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Tour dates


31.5 km

08:39 h

112 m

279 m

508 m

508 m
Height profile


32 kilometres of panoramic circular hiking trail

Das Trias-Tor bezeichnet den engen Durchbruch der Unstrut aus dem Harzvorland in das Triasland. Der Fluss hat sich hier auf seinem Weg zur Saale tief und eng in den Buntsandstein (Trias= Buntsandstein, Muschelkal und Keuper) geschnitten. Den thematischen Reichtum dieser zerklüfteten, vielseitigen Landschaft verbindet der 32 km lange Rundweg, alternativ in zwei separate Runden teilbar. Beiderseits
32 kilometres of panoramic circular hiking trail

The Triassic Gate describes the narrow breakthrough of the Unstrut from the Harz foreland into the Triassic region. The river has cut deeply and narrowly into the Buntsandstein (Triassic = Buntsandstein, Muschelkal and Keuper) on its way to the Saale. The thematic richness of this rugged, varied landscape is linked by the 32 km long circular trail, which can alternatively be divided into two separate rounds. On both sides of the Unstrut, between Wendelstein, Memleben, Wangen and Nebra, ten panels explain the special features at the Triassic Gate.

Get in:

The entry is recommended from the monastery and imperial palace Memleben. General information is available here. A visit to the exhibition in the monastery is worthwhile and prepares you for the historical, medieval aspect at the Triassic Gate. Further arbitrary starting points possible. Parking is available in Wangen at the Nebra Ark and in Nebra Hotel "Himmelsscheibe".
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Start: Museum Monastery and Imperial Palace Memleben
Starting point: Memleben Monastery and Imperial Palace Museum
Goal: Memleben Monastery and Imperial Palace Museum
  • Difficulty: medium
  • Condition: medium
  • Circular route
  • Signage
  • Tour with dog
Directions: out of town mostly good hiking forest paths or trails
Safety Instructions: Sturdy shoes are recommended

Approach: Memleben Monastery and Imperial Palace

Parking: Memleben Monastery and Imperial Palace

Road markings: green diagonal bar on white background
  • always open

Tour itinerary:


Nature Park "Saale-Unstrut-Triasland" e.V.

Under the Altenburg 1
06642 Imperial Palace OT Memleben
Phone: +49 34461 / 22086

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