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City walk Zeitz

© Copyright by Falko Matte
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Discover sights and historical places in Zeitz

Tour Highlights:

1 Town hall, town hall tower, town hall garden
In the heart of the city is the town hall, built between 1505 and 1509 in late Gothic style. Take the opportunity of a guided tour through the interior of the town hall as well as a climb up the tower and enjoy the unique view at a height of 47 meters over the roofs of Zeitz. With good visibility you can see as far as the Leipziger
Discover sights and historical places in Zeitz

Tour Highlights:

1 Town hall, town hall tower, town hall garden
In the heart of the city is the town hall, built between 1505 and 1509 in late Gothic style. Take the opportunity of a guided tour through the interior of the town hall as well as a tower climb and enjoy the unique view at a height of 47 meters over the roofs of Zeitz. If the visibility is good, you can see as far as the Leipzig Battle of the Nations Monument. Did you know that from 1726 to 1742 Dr. Friedrich Martin Luther, a great-grandson of Luther, worked as "first mayor" in the old part of the building?
Altmarkt 1, 06712 Zeitz
Guided tours: by arrangement

2 Tourist Information Zeitz
The name "Gewandhaus" is due to the purpose at that time, the sale of cloth and robes. In 1934, the tower was given a new lease of life through the foundation of the Zeitzer
Factory owner Max Emmerling built a carillon, which was melted down during the Second World War. It was not until 1995 that the present carillon, which was financed by numerous donations from citizens and institutions of Zeitz, was inaugurated. Different melodies sound daily 09.00, 12.00, 15.00 and 18.00 o'clock and change several times in the year. Today the Gewandhaus serves as an administrative building
of the city of Zeitz and houses the tourist information in the vaults on the ground floor.
Altmarkt 16, 06712 Zeitz, Tel.: 03441-83291,
Mon. and Wed. 09.00 - 14.00 hrs
Tue, Thu and Fri 09.00 - 18.00, Sat 09.00 - 13.00

3 Underground Zeitz
Visitors can explore a subterranean system of passages, which has its origins in the 14th century and served as cold storage rooms for beer. During the Second World War, this underground labyrinth of cellars was extended for air-raid protection purposes and can now boast a length of around 700 metres and a depth of six to twelve metres. Visitors, equipped with a hard hat and raincoat, can explore the underground passage system and learn important facts about it in a 45-minute guided tour.
Community of interest "Unterirdisches Zeitz" e.V.
Altmarkt 21, 06712 Zeitz, Tel.: 03441 212722

4 St. Michael's Church
St. Michael's Church is one of the oldest architectural monuments in Zeitz - the first documented mention dates back to 1154 - the archangel "Michael" is its patron saint. In 1882, an original print of Luther's theses from 1517 was discovered in the library of St. Michael's Church - there are only 6 copies of such poster prints left in the world. This rarity can be viewed in today's church café.
Protestant parish, Michaeliskirchhof 9,
06712 Zeitz, Phone: 03441 213681
Mon. - Fri. 10.00 - 16.00 hrs
Guided tours by appointment (also via the Tourist Information), tour of the church free of charge (donation possible), tour of the Luther Thesendruck € 2.00 p. p.
(by appointment only)

5 Franciscan monastery
On the southern edge of the old town of Zeitz is the Franciscan monastery, built in the 13th century, which is one of the best preserved monastery complexes in Saxony-Anhalt. Here, on the afternoon of 22 January 1542, Martin Luther preached on "The great power and strength of the words of God". The interest of the population was so great that outsiders brought fire escapes and followed the sermon through the windows of the church. From 2001 to 2011 the church was renovated and is now used for exhibitions, concerts and cultural events.
Guided tours by arrangement (registration via Zeitz Tourist Information)

6 Moritzburg Castle Zeitz
Moritzburg Castle on the White Elster" was built in the early Baroque style from 1657 to 1678. The exhibition TIME OF THE DUKE - BAROQUE RESIDENCE CULTURE IN ZEITZ informs about the eventful history of the castle and the dukedom. THE
DEUTSCHE KINDERWAGENMUSEUM takes visitors back to childhood and the history of their own family. Historical children's, sports and doll's carriages, toys, clothing and furniture for children make it possible to relive being a child in past eras. Perhaps you will even find a model from your childhood years?
Schlossstraße 6, 06712 Zeitz, Tel.: 03441 212546,
Tues. - Sun. 10.00 - 16.00 h
The museum is also open on Mondays when they fall on a public holiday.

7 Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul
In the collegiate church, today the cathedral of St. Peter and Paul, the first Protestant bishop in the world, Nikolaus von Amsdorf, was inaugurated into his new office on the morning of 22 January 1542 in the presence of Luther and other prominent figures.
The gravestone of Johann Ernst Luther, a grandson of the reformer, is embedded in the wall of the cloister at the cathedral of St. Peter and Paul in Zeitz.
Catholic parish "St. Peter and Paul", Schlossstr. 7,
06712 Zeitz, Tel.: 03441 211391, E-Mail:,
Easter - October: Tue. 13.00 - 16.00, Wed. - Sun. 13.00 - 17.00
End of October until Easter: Tues. - Sun. 13.00 - 15.00 hrs.
Guided tours by appointment only

8 Moritzburg Castle Park Zeitz
The Moritzburg Zeitz Palace Park frames the imposing baroque Moritzburg Palace with natural beauty. The contemporary leisure and recreation park, formerly a state garden show, combines radiant spring and summer flower beds, generous play and sports facilities and themed gardens such as the pleasure garden and the Japanese garden in a lush blaze of colour. As enrichment delight concerts and
Celebrates the garden dream visitors. Entrance at the Orangerie, April to October open daily from 10.00 -18.00 (may vary during events). In the "Schnitzelschmiede", the restaurant in the orangery, you can expect an extensive culinary offer in an extraordinary ambience.

9 Briquette factory Herrmannschacht
The briquette factory is the special platform of industrial culture in southern Saxony-Anhalt and today, as it were, a unique relic of regional mining history. Starting with the formation of the black gold in the lignite forest, the unique machinery inventory from 1889 then transports you to the time of steaming machines and coal dust, the briquette production in the factory. An impressive collection of historic furnaces in the Furnace Museum gives you a close-up view of life with coal, which was part of our time then as it is today. For railway fans, the walk-in locomotives as well as the miniature park on the premises will be a spectacular
Naumburger Str. 99, 06712 Zeitz, Tel.: 03441 228655
November - March: Guided tours by appointment only
April - October: public guided tours
Wed. - Sun. & national holidays 10.00, 13.00 and 15.00 hrs.
No visit possible without a guided tour.
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Tourist Information Zeitz

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