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190.5 km

12:16 h

103 m

402 m

355 m

647 m
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The Unstrutradweg from the source to the mouth

The Unstrut flows through the states of Thuringia and Saxony-Anhalt. From its source west of Kefferhausen to its mouth into the Saale river in Blütengrund near Naumburg, the Unstrut measures 190 kilometres. The Unstrut passes the towns of Dingelstädt, Mühlhausen, Bad Langensalza, Sömmerda, Heldrungen, Artern, Roßleben, Nebra, Laucha and Freyburg. Along the Unstrut you can relax on the
The Unstrutradweg from the source to the mouth

The Unstrut flows through the states of Thuringia and Saxony-Anhalt. From its source west of Kefferhausen to its mouth into the Saale river in Blütengrund near Naumburg, the Unstrut measures 190 kilometres. The Unstrut passes the towns of Dingelstädt, Mühlhausen, Bad Langensalza, Sömmerda, Heldrungen, Artern, Roßleben, Nebra, Laucha and Freyburg. Along the Unstrut you can take a relaxed ride on the Unstrut cycle path. The Unstrut is also a paradise for canoeists and rubber boat riders. The route of the Unstrut cycle path and also the waterway leads through varied landscapes such as the Reisersche Tal, the Unstruttal nature reserve, the Thuringian Gate near Heldrungen and the Saale-Unstrut-Triasland nature reserve with the Saale-Unstrut wine-growing region. Marvel at old castles, important monasteries and churches, beautiful parks, water mills and historical museums along the way. In the Free State of Thuringia you can visit along the Unstrut, among other things, the historic old town in Mühlhausen, the Japanese Garden in Bad Langensalza, Gebesee Castle, Sömmerda, the moated castle in Heldrungen or the model railway layout in Wiehe. Well-known attractions such as Nebra Ark with its visitor centre, the site of the Sky Disc not far from the visitor centre, as well as the individual stations of the "Romanesque Road" and the "Garden Dreams" await you in Saxony-Anhalt.

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Start: Kefferhausen
Starting point: Unstrutquelle
Objective: Flower base Naumburg
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Condition: easy
  • Suitable for cycling
  • Family friendly
  • Culturally interesting
  • Refreshment stop
  • Accommodation
  • Signage

The Unstrut cycle path can be divided into 6 stages.

1st stage: from the Unstrut spring to Mühlhausen

The Unstrut cycle path begins west of Kefferhausen in Eichsfeld. We pass a swimming pool and the sports field and then cross the road coming from the left. On a small bridge the bank side is changed and we then cycle directly along the river. We reach the organ mill, whose weir and some ponds are now used for trout breeding. Here we change again the bank side. Over narrow lanes we reach Dingelstädt. We drive directly along the small river and then cross the federal road B 247. Soon a tarred cycle path leads under the long valley bridge and continues along the right bank of the Unstrut to Silberhausen. We follow the signs and reach the community of Helmsdorf at the Mount of Olives. We cycle a little bit through the village and cross the Unstrut at the next bridge. The cycle path now leads to the left side of the Unstrut to Zella, where we change banks again and take the country road via the village of Horsmar. We come to Dachrieden and pass the railway station. At a hardware store we meet the B 247 again and the cycle path leads through Ammern to the Ammerbrücke. Following the cycle path we finally reach Mühlhausen.

Distance: 25 km

2nd stage: from Mühlhausen to Bad Langensalza

In Mühlhausen we drive to the Wagenstedter Brücke and cross the tracks on the road towards Sondershausen. Immediately behind it we turn right through Gartenstraße and along the railway tracks over the Unstrut. At a hall of the Mühlhäuser Konfitürenfabrik we turn left, then take the middle path and after a piece of road we reach a narrow bridge. We cross it and follow the narrow path to the next crossing. There it goes up the Kirchberg. Behind the Görmar church we meet the country road to Bollstedt. Passing the community inn Bollstedt, we turn left before the Schützenhaus and immediately turn right again. The cycle path leads around the shooting range and we can cycle on tarred slopes to Altengottern. At the Thamsbrück weir, the Alte Unstrut branches off to the left in the direction of the mill, while a narrow canal-like section continues straight ahead as the present course of the Unstrut. The Unstrut cycle path takes us along the left bank of the Mühlgraben. Now we cycle around Thamsbrück and then turn left onto the country road to Großwelsbach. At the crossing Hauptstraße / Großwelsbacher Straße we turn into Merxleber Weg. Soon a cycle path branches off to the right, which (like the former small railway line) leads to Bad Langensalza.

Distance: 23 km

3rd stage: from Bad Langensalza to Sömmerda 

From Bad Langensalza we follow the Riedsgraben almost as far as its mouth into the Unstrut. In Nägelstedt we cross the Unstrut on the first bridge and follow the road into the village. In the centre of the village we pass the Schieferhof, an old defence fortification. Afterwards we reach the entrance sign of the Unstruttal nature reserve through the Lange Straße. Now we follow a gravel road through the picturesque Unstrut valley and past the former vineyards to Großvargula. There we cross the first Unstrut bridge and continue on the right side of the river towards Herbsleben. Then we pass through Herbsleben and cross the country road to Bad Tennstedt. We turn right into Gebeseer Straße and follow the road. Arrived in Gebesee the Unstrutradweg crosses the federal road B4. We ride on a short common section of the Geraradweg and Unstrutradweg on the dam to Ringleben. Here we leave the common path again, crossing the Gera and the railway tracks. Now we continue for a few kilometres on the country road towards Haßleben. We reach Werningshausen and the local monastery St. Wigberti, which is open for visitors. Via a route completed in October 2009, we continue to Wundersleben and Schallenburg. We cross the Unstrut in the direction of Tunzenhausen and turn right behind the Unstrut dyke. Here the dike rescue route to Sömmerda has been renewed and offers an excellent cycle route. In Sömmerda we cycle through the town park and then over the bridge at Mühlgraben, where you can see the Dreyse Mill on the right. Just after the bridge we turn sharply left on the cycle path.

Distance: 42 km

4th stage: from Sömmerda to Artern

Near the Dreyse Mill we turn right before the bridge. The path passes the swimming pool, then turns slightly left and goes through a tunnel. On the extended Unstrut dyke we continue in the direction of Leubingen. Then we reach Griefstedt, where the Unstrutradweg follows the road towards Kölleda. Before the next level crossing we turn left towards Büchel. We cross the village and follow a dirt road to Etzleben. The route continues along the right bank towards Gorleben. The Unstrutradweg now leads through the Thuringian Gate, the valley between Hainleite and Schmücke. We reach the connecting road between Oldisleben and Heldrungen. Here we continue in the direction of Heldrungen. We cross the railway line Artern - Sömmerda and have to keep left behind it. Right at the beginning of Heldrungen we turn left on a tarred cycle path uphill to Bretleben. At the end of the village we cycle downhill again and meet the railway line at the bottom again. At first the Unstrut cycle path runs next to the tracks, but later it leads across the fields to Reinsdorf. Once there, we arrive directly at the Unstrut bank. On the Unstrut dam we ride to Artern, where we first meet the Aratorasee. At a road junction just behind the lake, the Unstrutradweg turns right a few meters. Then it crosses the country road and passes Artern on the dam of the former narrow-gauge railway to the south.

Distance: 42 km

5th stage: from Artern to Nebra

From Artern, the Unstrut cycle path runs along the Unstrut dyke in a south-easterly direction. It leads via Ritteburg and Bottendorf to Roßleben. From there we cycle along the cycle path a bit parallel to the main road and then turn left. There is a fork directly at the Flutkanal, where the path leads right across the canal to Wiehe. The town of Roßleben can now be visited. At the Egelseebrücke bridge, a detour to Wiehe is recommended to see what is probably the largest model railway layout in the world.

The Unstrutradweg now crosses the border from Thuringia to Saxony-Anhalt. After a steep ascent, an impressive view of the Unstrut valley opens up from the Wendelstein. The cycle path continues towards Memleben with its monastery as a monument to the Romanesque road and the zoo and turns off before the bridge.

Close to the river we continue through the scenic valley with narrow and steep slopes and red sandstone rocks. To visit Nebra Ark, it is necessary to turn left in Wangen. In Nebra you continue past the beer garden Sommerfrische and the Nebra railway station over the bridge. Under the Altenburg the Unstrutradweg follows the course of the river around Nebra on the right bank.

Distance: 35 km

6th stage: from Nebra to Naumburg

From Nebra on the right bank. Over a narrow bridge, the path runs opposite Vitzenburg Castle to the Kreuzkirche Reinsdorf. From Karsdorf the route continues on a little-used road to Burgscheidungen with its impressive castle, which is one of the garden dreams of Saxony-Anhalt. We continue to Dorndorf below the sandstone steep bank "Glockenseck". The trail continues to the Unstrut bridge Laucha with a view of the weir, the lock and the Schiffer-Klause with beer garden on the river. After the market in Laucha turn left to the city wall and the bell museum. Here the cycle path to Weischütz begins and leads along the Schafberg to the Zeddenbachmühle. Along the vineyards with pretty vineyard cottages, the route takes us to the winegrowing town of Freyburg with several sights, including the Rotkäppchen-Mumm sparkling wine cellar. At the foot of the ducal vineyard we continue to Großjena and along the vineyards to the Naumburg blossom ground. On the way, the Max Klinger vineyard and the Stone Picture Book are passed. Arrived at the Blütengrund the Unstrut flows into the Saale. Here you can take the ferry to the other bank and enjoy the view of the vineyards with a good glass of Saale-Unstrut wine. We can now continue to the Henne in Naumburg and into the city, and a visit to the World Cultural Heritage Naumburg Cathedral is well worthwhile.

The Unstrutradweg ends in Naumburg-Henne and there is a direct connection to the Saaleradweg.

  • always open

Tour itinerary:


Unstrutradweg e.V.

Pot market 6
06618 Naumburg
Phone: +49 3445 / 233790

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