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30. Landesliteraturtage Sachsen-Anhalt 2021

© Copyright by Vereinigte Domstifter


Saxony-Anhalt State Literature Days 2021 in Zeitz and on the Saale, Unstrut and Elster rivers

Von der mittelalterlichen bischöflichen Büchersammlung zur modernen Stadtbibliothek,  von literarischen Zeugnissen aus der Lutherzeit über Kaiser- und Gründerzeit und der DDR bis in die Gegenwart:  In Zeitz und mit unmittelbarem Bezug zur Stadt Zeitz finden sich gleich acht bedeutende Bibliotheken – ein einzigartiger Schatz auf engem Raum. Die Bibliotheken verfügen fast alle  auch  über
Saxony-Anhalt State Literature Days 2021 in Zeitz as well as on the Saale, Unstrut and 

From the medieval bishop's book collection to the modern city library, from literary testimonies from the Luther era to the imperial and Wilhelminian periods and from the GDR to the present day: in Zeitz and with a direct connection to the city of Zeitz there are no less than eight important libraries - a unique treasure in a small space. Almost all of the libraries also have outstanding historical holdings, which are of the highest cultural-historical importance in the region and far beyond, and therefore represent a central building block in the rich cultural landscape of Zeitz.
Libraries, reading, literature and literary figures belong together. Therefore, it is important to build new bridges between the world of the historically grown libraries in Zeitz and the entire region with the cities of Merseburg, Naumburg and Weißenfels, which are also rich in literary traditions, on the one hand, and on the other hand the lively literary events of the present in Saxony-Anhalt (and beyond), which concern us all and should especially touch children and young people.
In the spirit of such bridge-building, the Vereinigte Domstifter, together with the city of Zeitz and the Burgenlandkreis, and in cooperation with the Friedrich-Bödecker-Kreis Sachsen-Anhalt e.V., are organising the Saxony-Anhalt State Literature Days in autumn 2021. The thematic motto "Factories, Churches, Libraries" points to the diversity of the literary, but also the (industrial) historical tradition and the outstanding libraries, which together make up the event region. For Zeitz and the entire region around the Saale, Unstrut and Elster rivers stand not only for literature, but also for unprecedented industrial development since the 19th century, which, like the significant role of the churches, has found its way into the region's artistic production.
United cathedral foundations of Merseburg and Naumburg and the collegiate chapter of Zeitz,
the city of Zeitz and the Burgenlandkreis in cooperation with the Friedrich Bödecker-Kreis Sachsen-Anhalt e.V.

The varied programme for readers and literature enthusiasts of all ages with readings, lectures, performances, workshops and competitions will soon be published on the Landesliteraturtage website.
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30.10.21 - 14.11.21



Zeitzer monastery library

Schlosstraße 6
06712 Zeitz
Phone: +49 3445 / 2301120
fax: +49 3445 / 2301134

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