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Andreas Weber - "Single Dad - Part-Time Single Parent"


Freuen Sie sich auf wahrhaft männliche Comedy mit einer dicken Prise Charme!

Perfekt zur Einstimmung auf den Männertag: Wäsche waschen, Essen kochen, Klamotten kaufen. Frauensache? ,,Ganz sicher nicht!", weiß auch Single-Dad Andreas Weber. In seinem ersten Solo-Programm "SINGLE DAD - TEILZEIT ALLEINERZIEHEND" wird Andreas zum RATGEBER FÜR GESCHUNDENE MÄNNER-NERVEN und bietet der Frauenwelt Einblicke in die Psyche des angeblich starken Geschlechts. Mit durchaus kreativen
Freuen Sie sich auf wahrhaft männliche Comedy mit einer dicken Prise Charme!

Perfect for getting in the mood for Men's Day: doing laundry, cooking dinner, buying clothes. A woman's job? Not at all," says single dad Andreas Weber. In his first solo program "SINGLE DAD - TEILZEIT ALLEINERZIEHEND" Andreas becomes an ADVICE GIVER FOR SICK MEN'S NERVES and offers the women's world insights into the psyche of the allegedly stronger sex. With thoroughly creative explanations, Andreas presents a view of the world that sometimes smells more than just delicately of excuses. Look forward to truly male comedy with a thick pinch of charm!

Andreas Weber is a father in his late 30s, living alone for the first time in his life after a separation. He tells of everyday life as a newly bachelor and of his experiences as the father of two pubescent sons. He observes that computer games don't turn children into aggressive killers; all it takes is an afternoon playing board games. But what is the "most beautiful age" of children? Sometimes he thinks when they eventually have their own TV... and carry it in the moving van.

He faces the challenges of the single household and with creative explanations he presents a world view that sometimes, however, smells more than just delicately of excuses. For example, he has optimized his wardrobe and created space by outsourcing parts of it... to the chair next to it. He wonders why shower gel bottles take two weeks until they are "almost empty", but then this "almost empty" lasts just as long.

His hilarious stories are taken from life and do not miss a good pinch of black humor. Andreas always remains charming and even if the slyness shines through, with which he asserts himself.

Andreas won numerous comedy prizes such as the Mannheim Comedy Cup, the Stuttgart Comedy Clash (three times winner) and the Comedy Slams in Trier and Düsseldorf.
On TV he could already be seen at: RTL Comedy Grand Prix, TV Total (Pro7), NDR Comedy Contest, NightWash (One), Comedy Tower (HR), Fat Chicken Club (Tele5), Comedy Kneipe (RTL Nitro).

Admission: 7 pm

Ticket prices: Advance booking 18,00 Euro, box office 21,00 Euro
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Ticket prices: Advance booking 18,00 Euro, box office 21,00 Euro

Link to Advance ticket sales


Mittwoch 12.05.21 20:00 - 22:45



Work of art Turbine house

Weißenfelser Straße 15a
06618 Naumburg
Phone: 03445 2343876
Fax: 03445 2343878

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