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Caveman takes a very personal look at the relationship between man and woman.

Der Amerikaner Rob Becker schrieb mit CAVEMAN das erfolgreichste Solo-Stück in der Geschichte des Broadways. Nachdem CAVEMAN in den Vereinigten Staaten von einem Millionen-Publikum bejubelt wurde, feiert der moderne Höhlenmann weltweite Erfolge. Auch hierzulande begeistert die Kult-Comedy in der Übersetzung von Kristian Bader und der Regie von Esther Schweins alle, die eine Beziehung führen
Caveman takes a very personal look at the relationship between man and woman.

With CAVEMAN, the American Rob Becker wrote the most successful solo play in the history of Broadway. After CAVEMAN was acclaimed by an audience of millions in the United States, the modern cave man is now celebrating worldwide success. In this country, too, the cult comedy, translated by Kristian Bader and directed by Esther Schweins, inspires everyone who leads, has led or wants to lead a relationship, because CAVEMAN takes a very unique look at the relationship between man and woman.

kicked out by his wife, Tom, the likeable hero in the thicket of relationships, meets his ancestor from the Stone Age in the "magic underwear circle", who lets him share in millennia of ancient wisdom: men are hunters and women are gatherers. a fact that human evolution has not been able to change until today. what the average man has always suspected, Tom now knows first-hand and asks himself: "why don't we simply consider women and men to be completely different cultures? with different languages, different behaviours and different origins?" inspired by this insight, Tom analyses the strange universe of female collectors: this mysterious world of best friends, shopping and sex. with an immense need to communicate, dry humour and an ironic look, Tom also observes the hunter's way of life. he reveals what fulfilment "sitting around without talking" can mean, why men can be killed by the television
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09.10.2020 from 20:00



Culture house Weißenfels

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