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Culture House Comedy Tour


Tickets will be refunded at the point of purchase.

MDR Jump präsentiert die Kulturhaus Comedy Tour 2022, die am 22. Mai in Weißenfels zu Gast sein wird. Mit dabei sind unter anderem der aus TV und Radio bekannte Ausbilder Schmidt und Comedian Florian Simbeck (Erkan und Stefan). „Vier Shows, vier Comedians, eine Show“, so die Ankündigung. Neben der Auftaktveranstaltung in Leipzig wird die

Tickets will be refunded at the point of purchase.

MDR Jump presents the Kulturhaus Comedy Tour 2022, which will be in Weißenfels on 22 May. Among those taking part are Ausbilder Schmidt, well-known from TV and radio, and comedian Florian Simbeck (Erkan and Stefan). "Four shows, four comedians, one show," says the announcement. In addition to the opening event in Leipzig, the Kulturhaus Comedy Tour will stop in Riesa, Meiningen and on 22 May in the Kulturhaus Weißenfels.
"Away from the big cities, you unfortunately don't often get to experience comedy and cabaret live in central Germany. That's exactly what we want to change with the Kulturhaus Comedy Tour," says Thuringian comedian and cabaret artist Jonas Greiner, who will host the Kulturhaus Comedy Tour 2022.
Among others, he will welcome the nationally known comedian Ausbilder Schmidt as a guest. Most people are familiar with him, as he has appeared in countless TV shows and even in his own film. In the good old days of compulsory military service, almost every soldier was mentally superior to him: students, high school graduates and other draft dodgers. Today? Unfortunately, the Kevin de Luxe generation can't do anything. Instructor Schmidt even has to tie his recruits' boots in the morning, after he has put out their uniforms and brought their lattes (made of soy milk) to their cots.
In addition to Ausbilder Schmidt, viewers can look forward to Florian Simbeck, who will be best known to viewers as part of the comedy duo Erkan and Stefan. He speaks for all long-term relationship victims. Married too? Well, then, my condolences! Nobody prepared us for what's coming with kids, partner, dog and all that other shit. Now we're up to our necks in it. Florian Simbeck takes us very close to the abyss and then jumps down screaming before our eyes. Downfall has never been more entertaining.
The line-up is completed by Don Clarke, who has thrilled his audience at over 1,000 shows from Flensburg to Munich and from Cologne to Dresden in recent years. With his new solo programme "SEXandSECHZIG", he is currently on tour again across Germany with new, bizarre stories, chatting out of the closet and giving life tips of a somewhat different kind. What drives this man who has nothing but two ex-wives, four children, five grandchildren and a fat bank account? The pure desire to live! Audiences and critics alike disagree: "He really can't do anything - but he does it damn well!
So it's a top-class programme that the audience will be treated to on 22 May at the Kulturhaus Weißenfels. Presenter Jonas Greiner promises an entertaining evening where no eye will be dry with laughter. "There's something for everyone, these are going to be great shows!" says Greiner, who is considered the up-and-coming hope of the East German cabaret and comedy scene and was named "Newcomer of the Year" by Olaf Schubert in 2019. The 24-year-old has also recently been a regular guest on the MDR Jump morning show with his radio comedies.
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Culture house Weißenfels

Merseburger Street 14
06667 Weissenfels
Phone: +49 3443 / 370339

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