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Lydia Benecke

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Discover the emotional and mental worlds of psychopathic people in this lecture.

Ist Hannibal Lecter tatsächlich der Prototyp eines Psychopathen? Haben alle Psychopathen das Bedürfnis, andere Menschen zu töten? Wie stellt die Kriminalpsychologie fest, ob ein Mensch psychopathisch ist? Wie entsteht eine psychopathische Persönlichkeit? Wie gelingt es manchen psychopathischen Serienmördern, über Jahrzehnte als liebevolle Familienväter und freundliche Nachbarn ein unauffälliges
Discover the emotional and mental worlds of psychopathic people in this lecture.

is hannibal lecter really the prototype of a psychopath? do all psychopaths have the need to kill other people? how does criminal psychology determine whether a person is psychopathic? how does a psychopathic personality emerge? how does some psychopathic serial killers manage to live an inconspicuous life for decades as loving family fathers and friendly neighbours? why don't all psychopaths become criminals? how much of the "evil" is also in "normal" people?
This lecture will shed light on the emotional and intellectual worlds of psychopathic people - both those who made headlines with horrifying crimes and those who get through life without criminal acts and are among us.

Lydia Benecke will be exploring these and other questions in her lecture, an exciting journey into the world of criminal psychology.
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25.09.2020 ab 20:00 Uhr



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