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Tutty Tran - Comedy "HAI DAI MAU"


Nach seiner nahezu ausverkauften ersten Solo-Tour „Augen zu und  durch“ legt Tutty Tran jetzt nach: „HAI DAI MAU“! Diesen Satz kriegt Deutschlands bekanntester „Reisbürger“ bis heute regelmäßig von seinem Vater um die Ohren gehauen - „halt dein  Maul“ in feinstem vietnamesisch-deutschen Kauderwelsch. Gebracht hat es allerdings nichts. Denn Tutty wäre nicht Tutty, wenn er auf seinen Vater auch nur

After his almost sold-out first solo tour "Eyes closed and through", Tutty Tran is now following up with "HAI DAI MAU"! To this day, Germany's best-known "rice citizen" regularly gets this sentence from his father - "shut your mouth" in the finest Vietnamese-German gibberish. But it didn't help. Because Tutty wouldn't be Tutty if he listened to his father in the slightest. Shut up? Not on your life! And so the Berlin comedian with Vietnamese roots is now taking off with his second solo programme "HAI DAI MAU".
Tukey's parodies of his father's incomparably clichéd accent and the resulting misunderstandings in everyday life are hair-raisingly funny and were already a guarantee for many tears of laughter in the audience during "Augen zu und durch". From relentlessly sarcastic to frivolously cheeky - with his anarchic anecdotes he has already gained a large fan base on social media. In the meantime, his fans are also crowding him in analogue.
The bizarre encounters of and with Tutty's father are not to be missed in "HAI DAI MAU", but so much more has happened in the meantime: Tutty has moved in with his girlfriend Laura! Yes, really! And that alone offers enough absurdities for Tutty to deal with on stage.
Comedy gold! Like the clash of cultures when their families meet: Far East meets East. Language escalations are programmed, because Laura's roots are in Saxony. Who understands what the other is saying - a popular game at family celebrations.
"HAI DAI MAU" has become a catchphrase beyond the family and fits perfectly with Tukey's dry comedy: he only knows political correctness from the internet - and if anyone asks, yes, you can laugh at anything. Especially about yourself. No matter where you come from, whether you are white, black, yellow or green. Whoever attends Tutty Trans' comedy show gets life hacks against prejudices for free, because humour is the language that everyone can master fluently after an evening with Tutty.

Admission: 19:00
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Ticket prices: Advance booking 22,00 Euro, box office 25,00 Euro

Link to Advance ticket sales


Sunday 23.10.22 20:00 - 22:45



Work of art Turbine house

Weißenfelser Straße 15a
06618 Naumburg
Phone: 03445 2343876
Fax: 03445 2343878

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