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Gastronomy " Wine culture
Gastronomy " Wine culture

Wine culture

Pair on vineyard Saale-Unstrut wine

Lush vineyards characterise the landscape of Saale-Unstrut, the northernmost area in Germany where quality wine is grown. Streets and river valleys wind through the landscape, making you want to go hiking and biking. Fairytale castles, old churches and the many other sights along the Romanesque Road invite you to explore and wine estates with their ostrich taverns and wine cellars invite you to taste their wines.

Excellent wine & picturesque landscapes

Come with us to Saale-Unstrut and find out what makes the wine so special and where the regional specialities are best enjoyed!

Wine from Saale-Unstrut

Wine has been grown in the Saale-Unstrut region for over 1,000 years. Numerous hours of sunshine and the low rainfall ensure that the more than 60 grape varieties grown on the steep slopes of the wine region grow and flourish lavishly. The wines produced from the grapes have a very special note with a fruity fragrance - called bouquet -, taste wonderfully light and can be enjoyed with many dishes.
Müller-Thurgau, Riesling, Pinot Gris and Pinot Blanc, but also Dornfelder and Pinot Noir are among the wines that are produced in Saale-Unstrut in over 50 wineries can be grown. So how about a long walk or a bike ride along the vineyards followed by a tasting at one of the wine growers, where you can taste the noble wine on a sunny terrace? Order one of the tasty, hearty tarte flambée or a hearty cheese platter to round off your wine enjoyment perfectly.

On the way on the wine route Saale-Unstrut

One route that is particularly suitable for combining active holidays with pleasure is the 60 km long Saale-Unstrut wine route. From Memleben it leads past places like NebraLauchaFreyburg and Naumburguntil she finally turned into Bad Sulza ends.

Wine routes in Saale-Unstrut
In addition to the classic wine route (approx. 60 km), you can also take the Mansfelder Seen wine route (approx. 22 km) from Zappendorf to Unterrissdorf or the Weisse Elster wine route (approx. 17 km) from Zeitz to Wetterzeube.
Along the way, not only numerous wineries await you, but also historic town centres and beautiful highlights such as the Naumburg Cathedralwhich was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2018. Besides Naumburg, the wine capital Freyburg with its fairytale Castle and the small wine estates are worth a longer stay. Incidentally, Freyburg is also home to Germany's largest producer of sparkling wine, the Rotkäppchen-Mumm Sektkellereien GmbH. Be sure to take part in an interesting guided tour with tasting to learn more about the production of the world's most popular sparkling wine!
So as you can see, you should take a few days off when you walk or drive along the wine route to enjoy the sights in Saale-Unstrut as well as the delicious wine.
With my practical map you can get a good overview of the wine route Saale-Unstrut. On the map I have also marked many wineries and Straußwirtschaften in Saale-Unstrut, which invite you to taste their wines. In the following I will introduce my favourites to you.

Ostrich farms & wineries

After a long bike ride or a walk through the steep slopes, there is nothing better than stopping at a winery, taking part in a wine tasting and fortifying yourself with local specialities. I would now like to introduce a few of the wineries and Straußwirtschaften to you on behalf of over 50 wineries in Saale-Unstrut.

Wine factory Old sugar factory:
In this wine manufactory in Laucha, excellent wines and delicious food await you. The wine manufactory also offers holiday apartments, which you can rent from 75€ per night for two people. Tip: At Canoe rental Unstrutcampwhich is located right next to the manufactory, you can book boat tours on the Saale or Unstrut rivers or rent a canoe and paddle out yourself.

Thuringian winery Bad Sulza:
At the largest private winery in Saale-Unstrut you can participate in classic wine tastings, vineyard tours or adventure evenings in the in-house vaulted cellar. Tip: On the first weekend in October a popular Federweißer festival is held here.

Little Red Riding Hood Champagne Winery:
A visit to the Rotkäppchen Sektkellerei in Freyburg is a real must if you are travelling in Saale-Unstrut, after all it is the largest sparkling wine production in Germany. The interesting guided tours cost 5€ per person and are offered daily. A glass of sparkling wine is also a must. Tip: On the second Saturday in May the German Champagne Day is celebrated with a big party.

Freyburg-Unstrut Winegrowers' Association:
At the Freyburg-Unstrut Winegrowers' Association, quality is a top priority. In 1934, the association was founded by 27 winegrowers. In the meantime, more than 400 winegrowers participate, who ensure a great variety of wines and their unique quality. In the sales rooms of the association you can convince yourself of the special wines and take home a drop or two.

Naumburg wine and champagne manufactory:
In this manufacture not only friends of the sparkling wine, which was already produced here in 1824, get their money's worth, but also wine lovers who can enjoy the drop directly on the banks of the Saale. A double room including breakfast is available from 65€. Tip: On 3 October the wine walking day with great activities takes place.

Winegrowing at the Geiseltalsee:
The Geiseltalsee is one of the most popular excursion destinations in Saale-Unstrut anyway and this ostrich farm, which is located directly on the artificial lake, provides yet another argument for a detour. From May to October you can taste the exclusive wines produced by the recultivation project. Tip: You dream of your own vineyard? Here you can take over a wine sponsorship and get your own wine every year.

A listing of all wineries and Straußwirtschaften you will find here. As you can see on the map above, there are numerous winegrowers along the Wine Route, so you can stop and rest almost anywhere.

Events around the wine

Throughout the year, Saale-Unstrut hosts festivals and events where everything revolves around the delicious juice of the vine. I have summarized the most important and most popular wine events for you here.

Young wine weeks in April:
During these weeks the wine cellars of the region open and invite you to taste the new vintage.
German Champagne Day in May:
Sparkling wine is celebrated every Saturday after Mother's Day. Whether in the Rotkäppchen Kellerei in Freyburg, in the Naumburg Wine and Sparkling Wine Manufactory or in the Landesweingut Kloster Pforta - everywhere you go, you are invited to taste and celebrate.
Open cellar and vineyard days in August:
The winegrowers in Saale-Unstrut give you an insight into their work on the first weekend in August in interesting guided tours. Of course you are also allowed to taste the wines.
Thuringian wine festival in August:
Be there when the Thuringian wine princess is crowned in Bad Sulza during a big wine festival on the third weekend in August.
Wine festival in September:
The biggest wine festival in Freyburg takes place on the second weekend in September and offers you a colourful supporting programme with live music and great shows.
Christmas market in December:
On the third Advent, the Freyburg Winegrowers' Association invites you to drink mulled wine in an impressive atmosphere.
Advent in the vineyards:
In Roßbach and Naumburg a winterly experience in the vineyards awaits you on the Saturday before the fourth Advent. Here you can fortify yourself with a delicious mulled wine and shop for the last Christmas presents.

Pleasure holiday in Saale-Unstrut

The Saale-Unstrut wine region is a great holiday destination for all those who enjoy their holidays and want to decelerate their everyday life. On a hike along the vineyards, a canoe trip over the Saale or Unstrut rivers and a glass of wine in one of the cosy Straußwirtschaft restaurants, you can really let your soul dangle and enjoy life to the full. What else Saale-Unstrut has to offer besides the delicious wine, you will find out in my further articles.


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