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Bathing in light and music - wellness of a special kind


06 March 2020, julie travels

"One must do good to the body so that the soul may desire to dwell in it." - Winston Churchill

For me the best benefit for body and soul is a wellness day. When I first ventured into a sauna over ten years ago, I was thrilled and surprised by the positive effect on my overall well-being. Today, when I feel stressed and much too tense, I prefer to find a place with warm water, a sauna and a spacious relaxation area.

One wellness for two, please!

In search of a day with extraordinary wellness I was recommended the Toskana Therme Bad Sulza. Here in the Wellness Park there is, among other things, the offer "Wellness for two". For example a massage where two people are massaged at the same time in one room. Exactly what I was looking for for my husband and me!

The real highlight of the Toskana Therme, the "Liquid Sound", I discovered only on site. There is also a matching wellness treatment: "Liquid Bodywork". Sounds exciting? I thought so too!

Liquid Sound in the Toscana Therme

Liquid Sound is the "bath in light and music". How to do that?
In the Toskana Therme, loudspeakers are installed in all pools under water, playing music around the clock. The salt in the thermal brine makes you float in the water and you can lean back and relax without going under. This healing brine is extracted directly from the spring in Bad Sulza and is a blessing for the skin.

In the Liquid Sound Temple the musical experience is enhanced by the cosy atmosphere and the enchanting mandala on the ceiling. There is a duty of confidentiality - you should concentrate exclusively on yourself and your own relaxation.

Here I can let go really well - I stretch my arms and legs and let myself drift. My head lies loosely in the neck, so that in the end only my nose is looking out of the water. Through my closed eyes I can see the glittering light reflections on the water surface. Warmth flows through my body, the brine tickles my skin and I feel how good it does me.

I'm starting to dream. I give myself over completely to music, my thoughts and feelings. For a moment, I'm really with myself. Maybe I fell asleep a little, too. It's an overwhelming feeling!

Signature Treatment Liquid Bodywork

If you want to intensify this experience even more, you can book a Liquid Bodywork Session. These are even available before opening hours of the Toskana Therme. It is the so-called "Signature Treatment": while floating in the Liquid Sound Temple, you are accompanied by a bodyworker, pulled through the water, massaged, turned. A friend once told me that you feel like a new person after this treatment. As if you were actually slipping straight out of the womb.

Clattering sauna moments

Massage and Liquid Sound were already fantastic. Now I'm really looking forward to some hot, cleansing sauna sessions. Architecturally, the sauna area of the Therme is in no way inferior. The facility is modern with a wonderful small sauna garden, which blooms beautifully in spring and summer, and a sauna bar with a cosy sitting area. In addition to the classic saunas, there is a readarium - a reading sauna where readings are actually held. A Broncharium - a treat for the lungs, as well as an infrared sauna for those who are not so fond of classic sauna sweating.

My favourite place is the vineyard sauna, where the fireplace crackles so beautifully, closely followed by the ice-cold outdoor pool and last but not least the relaxation area on the upper floor, which rolls up like a snail over the sauna guests. Dozing off there leaves a feeling of security and protection.

A great conclusion for a wellness day in Bad Sulza - the Tuscany of the North.

Short holiday at the Hotel an der Therme

My "To do" for the next holiday in front of the door is clearly an overnight stay in the hotel at the Therme Bad Sulza. This hotel is directly connected to the Toskana Therme via a bathrobe corridor and has completely renovated many rooms in the last few months. I was already allowed to take a quick look inside - the new design is very modern and exactly meets my taste.

I can already see the perfect wellness weekend before my inner eye!

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