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More than 1000 years of history have left their traces in Zeitz, where buildings from all the periods of the town’s history bear witness to times gone and are still of interest today.

Bishops resided in Zeitz for almost 600 years. During this period, St Michael’s Church, the Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul and the Franciscan monastery were built, among other things. The tradition of Zeitz winegrowing emanated from the Benedictine Posa Abbey. Zeitz nestles within the Saale-Unstrut region, Germany‘s northernmost winegrowing area, and here you can experience hospitality and the lovely countryside along the White Elster wine route.

The subterranean vaults and corridors constructed in the Middle Ages for the storage of beer form a unique system of passageways today.

The dukes of Sachsen-Zeitz had the Baroque castle built. Today Moritzburg Castle, the cathedral and the castle gardens form a unique ensemble which now houses the German Museum of Prams, amongst other things. Both the “Romanesque Road” and the “Gartenträume” project, a network of historic gardens in Saxony-Anhalt, link to the castle complex not far from the historic old town.
The industrial culture of Zeitz’s past as an important industrial town is brought to life at the “Herrmannschacht” briquette factory, which is regarded as the oldest surviving briquette factory of this design in the world and is nowadays run as an industrial museum.

Events also regularly attract visitors from near and far. The Zeitz Sugarbeet Festival, the traditional Schwarzbiernacht music festival and the Zeitz Wine festival are major visitor attractions. Art exhibitions, galleries, performances by Zeitz theatre groups and guest performances by famous national and international artists also pep up the events on offer.

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