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Acoustic city tour through Naumburg

City of Naumburg and Naumburg Cathedral

Our tip for a entertaining Theatre Walk 

The historic town of Naumburg an der Saale offers a variety worth seeing of Kulturden monuments from the Romanesque and Gothic periods as well as architectural buildings with loving details from long forgotten times. The UNESCO World Heritage Site Naumburg Cathedral, the Hildebrandt organ in the town church of St. Wenzel, where Johann Sebastian Bach already played, the historic tram from GDR times and the small alleys with gastronomy and shops are just a few highlights.  

During a short holiday or day trip in Naumburg, you can explore the sights during a stroll through the city or on a bike tour. Due to its favourable location directly in the wine-growing region of Saale-Unstrut, Naumburg is always worth a visit. 

How about an individual city tour of a special kind? The Theater Naumburg has come up with something. 

Theatre walk through Naumburg with the smartphone 

For the walk through Naumburg you need nothing more as to take some time and have your smartphone with you. On the website of the theater at you will find a map with currently 10 stations. On site, you can then find yourself at exactly these stations with the help of the map. entertaining Audio recordings with Stories, fairy tales, poemsn and listen to theatrical excerpts. If you want to walk through all the stations, you could expect it to take 3 hours. Just as well it's also possible, to visit only individual stations - this way there is something for everyone. 

The stations 

The theatre walk takes you through the old town to Naumburg's Blütengrund, where the rivers Unstrut and Saale meet. The stories deal, among other things, with a dispute between guest and host in the "Hackerbräu", of the tree of the gods at Naumburg Cathedral, of ghost stories and the fairy tale Rapunzel. Since you can listen to the audios live right on the spot, you feel as if you were a character in a play yourself. Can you imagine that Rapunzel once lived in the tower at the Marientor?? Oyou've heard of the Thunder Hole at Blossom Bottom? No Dann go on an exploration tour yourself once. The tour is also suitable for a walk with your children.   

Click here for the map with the current stations. Feel free to check back often, there are always new places added. 

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