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Bad Dürrenberg’s history began around 8,500 years ago, when a woman was buried in a crouching position, with a child on her lap.

The rich objects buried with her, which were normally only given to the male deceased, and the fact that the corpses were embedded in red soil (Adam’s earth) permit only one conclusion – that she was an important woman at that time.

The grave finds attracted worldwide attention under the name of the “Dürrenberg woman shaman”.

More recent in origin, but just as interesting and still impressive to this day, is Dürrenberg’s “salt history”.

Brine has been used to produce evaporated salt in Bad Dürrenberg since 1763. As well as salt production, for which Bad Dürrenberg was one of the leading salt works in Germany, at the end of the 19th century bathing activities began here too. The medicinal effect of the brine for respiratory and skin diseases brought Bad Dürrenberg enormous development as a spa town, and it can still be felt today in the cold inhalation hall.

Nowadays the brine that is obtained is mainly used to supply the salt graduation works and the associated open-air inhalation.

In 2006 the brine from borehole DUE 1/99 was recognised as a “state-approved medicinal spring”. Amongst other things, this recognition was the reason for Bad Dürrenberg being awarded the title of “state-approved health resort” in 2008.

The main attraction of Bad Dürrenberg is one of the most attractive spa parks in central Germany. Surrounded by the mighty brine graduation works which swathe the park in salty air, it is a place where you can discover many special botanical features. Visitors can enjoy the peace and quiet as they relax in a total area of 10 hectares. In 2013 the town was awarded the bronze medal in the national flower competition “Entente Florale – Gemeinsam aufblühen”. The floral clock, the palm house and the aviary are also well worth seeing. Thanks to its former salt production of European significance, Bad Dürrenberg is a site on the European Route of Industrial Heritage (ERIH).

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