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The Liederstädter

Get to know Christian! He's "The Songstarter - The Original"

The Liederstädter - the original

How does the forest taste? Admittedly, you probably haven't asked yourself this question very often. The answer can be found in small glass bottles from "Songwriter - The Original".

Christian Hodel, the mastermind behind these liqueur creations, I visited Liederstädt with Philip in mid-January 2020. To get to Liederstädt, Christian's hometown, winding roads led us through the Unstrut valley. From Naumburg we passed Freyburg, through Laucha and Karsdorf. Shortly before Nebra we turn right into the tranquil village of Liederstädt.

So they make liqueur there. For now 6 years also professionally on a grand scale. When the former geriatric nurse Christian had his logo designed five years ago, all 15 fruits processed into liqueur to date were integrated. Should he want to update this again today, a single clef would probably no longer be sufficient to accommodate all varieties. Christian's gut feeling tells him if and when it is time for a new creation. Since last year he has been on the market with a very special family of liqueurs. The Forest Edition. There he processes young shoots of conifers from the Saale-Unstrut region into fine wines. How about a walk in the forest on the tongue, for example?

It often takes several months until an idea turns into a delicious liqueur. Christian experiments with different basic alcohols (which one it is in the end, but he won't tell you, company secret), sugars and storage times. He produces all extracts himself and works exclusively with regional and natural ingredients. An important unique selling point of his liqueurs is that they are usually at the lowest limit of the prescribed minimum sugar content. According to the definition, a liqueur must have at least 100 grams of sugar per 1 liter. So if you don't like it too sweet, you are well served with Liederstadt liqueurs.

You won't find the hackneyed sour cherry or the classic apple seed at Christian. He has attributed himself to the special features. "I don't follow trends, I set them." - he says proudly. For example, he developed the first liquorice liqueur that is not based on licorice. He's also tasting Coke Kraut. Correctly read, Cola Kraut! With this, he wants to put the typical taste of the black fizzy drink in a completely different light. Coke without carbon dioxide and caffeine, but with one or two more revolutions? Maybe you'll soon find that in the Liederstädter - the original.

If you now feel like trying out the creations from Liederstädt, you can either go to online shop  order, look in the local retail shop or ask Christian directly for a tasting. This way you get the full program and all background information about his liqueurs and the associated craft right away.

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