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Dieskau Castle Park

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The originally Romanesque church St. Anna, which was renovated in 1725 in baroque style, is also part of the castle ensemble. 67 hectares of park were created between 1778 and 1784 in cooperation with Carl Christoph von Hoffmann, at that time lord of the castle in Dieskau, and Gottlieb Schoch. The Wörlitz facilities were the godfather. In an extensive manner typical for the time of the Enlightenment

The originally Romanesque church of St. Anna, renovated in 1725 in the Baroque style, is also part of the chateau ensemble.

The 67-hectare park was created between 1778 and 1784 in collaboration between Carl Christoph von Hoffmann, at that time lord of the castle in Dieskau, and Gottlieb Schoch. The Wörlitz grounds were the inspiration for this. In an extensive type of landscaping typical of the Enlightenment period, the meadows of the Reidebach were skilfully integrated and accentuated by terraced ponds and canals.

Paths and seats opened up many attractive views of the "Pleasure Ground" directly at the castle as well as of small architecture and works of art around the large mill pond. These included a Chinese water house and an Otahite bathhouse. Jewelry urns and obelisks were dedicated to friends and relatives of Hoffmann. After 1945 the park became overgrown: lines of sight grew overgrown, ponds and canals silted up, buildings decayed and were demolished.

Since 1998 the park has been restored in selected areas by the municipality of Kabelsketal with the support of the "Park Dieskau" development association. The park represents a valuable habitat for many, partly rare, native plant and animal species, including about 90 breeding bird species.

360 degree panoramic tour
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All panoramas here:"

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Park freely accessible all year round
Lock only open during guided tours


360° panorama:

360° panorama


Dieskau Castle Park

Castle Square
06184 Dieskau
Phone: +49 345 / 58299181

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