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Surrounded by mediaeval fortresses, castles and cultural monuments, the Unstrut Valley links cycling, hiking and water experiences along the Unstrut in a unique way.

From A for “Ark of Nebra” to Z for “Zeddenbach Mill”, the range of places of interest here includes options for everyone, not just culture vultures and wine lovers. As you walk along the idyllic paths through the picturesque vineyard landscape and the historical towns, the wonderful scenery constantly calls to you to stop for a while.

With themed and adventure trails along the Unstrut, guests who are hungry for knowledge will find plenty of opportunity to learn about the region’s historical heritage in detail. As well as enjoying this idyllic corner, astronomy fans can look forward to a fascinating journey through the ages and the stars. Discovery tours to the Mittelberg hill in Wangen, the place where the Nebra Sky Disk was found, or the site of the Goseck Solar Observatory, promise all manner of interesting discoveries.

Among other places, the Unstrut Valley includes the towns of Goseck, Freyburg, Balgstädt, Laucha, Gleina, Karsdorf and Nebra.

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